12 Gardening tips for November

1. Spray clivias, arums, nerines and agapanthus for amaryllis lily borer.

2. Spray fruit trees for fruit flies.

3. Feed your hydrangeas with hydrangea fertilizers to make the pink or blue colour of the flowers more intense.

4. Cover your garden beds with a mulch. This will help to keep the soil moist and cool during the summer.

5. Plant dahlias.

6. For most plant species October and November are the best months to take cuttings.

7. Feed your tomatoes when the fruit begins to set with a fertilizer rich in potassium (example: 20 gram 3:1:5 per square metre).

8. Feed your roses with a fertilizer rich in nitrogen (example: 20 gram 5:1:3 per square metre).

9. Broadcast 15 gram LAN per square metre on your lawn. Give water immediately afterwards.

10. Do not irrigate in the afternoon but rather early in the morning. This will help to reduce the risk of fungi diseases.

11. Check new leaves on Encephalartos species (broodbome) for beetles, aphids and other insects. Spray if necessary.

12. Check your roses for Black spot. Look on the underside of the leaves for spidermite. Spray if necessary.

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