Circular Concepts

All the plants in this garden are available at: Garden World, Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift, Gauteng Tel: 011 957 2046 or 083 997 6142,

A garden by

Garden Designer
Debbie Smit


Water Feature Construction
Madala Rock


Deck Installation
Peter Dorset Wooden Decks


Product Sponsors

Plants: Random Harvest Bed & Breakfast and Indigenous Nursery, Gravel & Pebbles: House of Pebbles, Wooden Deck: Peter Dorset Wooden Decks, Water Feature: Madala Rock


Circular Concepts 1


Inspiration for the garden

The garden aims to provide inspiration and garden design solutions for small urban gardens. Water is used for its soothing, cooling effect. A variety of textures have been included for visual and tactile stimulation. Plants have been grouped in different ‘islands’ – each group having different cultural requirements, for example the succulents require less water than the plants grouped in the meadow. This allows the gardener to indulge in different planting styles, whilst still being able to maintain all the plants in the garden to their individual cultural requirements without too much effort.

Plants have been selected in order to lure a variety of birds, insects and small reptiles into the garden and, in so doing, bring nature back into the urban environment.

Plant Highlights

Focal Plants:

Aloe castenae under-planted with Echeveria graptopetalum & Echeveria ‘Huff Pink’, Aloe ferox under-planted with Euphorbia calavaroides.


Indigofera frutescens, Acacia xanthophloea.

Circular bed:

Juncus effussus, Anthericum saundersiae, Dovyalis longispina, Scabiosa Hybrid, Verbena ‘Quarts Blue’, Guara, Erigeron, Carex ‘Frosty Curls’.


Circular Concepts 2

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