This garden is on display at Garden World, Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift, Gauteng Tel: 011 957 2046 or 083 997 6142,

Contemplation’ was designed and built by Garden Gregg Tarr of Soul Space.

Imagine having a secret place, a garden that is just for you. A place where you can just be, a place to meditate, to contemplate…. a bit of a selfish space because it is just for you.


That’s the concept behind the garden “Contemplation” designed by Greg Tarr of Soul Space for the Spring Festival at Garden World.

Says Greg,” Picture yourself walking in the Drakensberg and you come across a pool, with moss covered rocks, ferns and trees. It’s a place to sit and think. It has not been created by you and it is completely out of your control. That is the feeling that I want to evoke with this green space.’

Designed gardens are not actually restful spaces, says Greg. “The moment you sit down, you immediately notice a weed that needs pulling out, or a plant that is not doing well or a change that you would like to make.”

His answer to that is not to design, but to let the space evolve naturally. The elements will consist of a tumbling waterfall into a pool, a floating deck (with only room for one person) over the pool and an abundance of tropical greenery, with just hints of subtle colour, as you would find in a sun dappled forest.

Greg makes the interesting point that sometimes we can place too much emphasis on design, maybe at the expense of intuition. That is why he has decided to experiment with the concept of producing a garden that does not look as if it has been planned at all.

Contemplation“The only thing in this garden that will look “designed’ will be the deck. Everything else will be absolutely natural, as though it has always been there. There will be nothing for the home owner to do because everything will grow, decay and grow again naturally.’

In other words it is the ultimate low maintenance garden that treads very lightly on the earth. For those of us who like the idea of nature working on us, rather than us working on nature, this garden is supremely in tune with nature, the theme of the Spring Festival.


Plant highlights:

  • Focal plants: 2: Dicksonia Antarctica. 1: Cyathea australis.
  • Shrubs & perennials: 6: Watsonia. 4: Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’. Carex ‘Honeybird’. 3: Chondropelatum nana.
  • Annuals & bulbs: Lobelia.
  • Ferns: 5: Rumohra adiantiformis.
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