Gardening tips for January and February

  • Remove dead summer flowers and place on the compost heap.
  • Broadcast 20 gram 2:3:4 granular fertilizers per square meter under your trees and on beds with shrubs and flowers. Irrigate immediately after this broadcasting.
  • Broadcast 15 gram LAN per square meter on your lawn if you are in a high rainfall area. Irrigate immediately after this broadcasting.
  • Many weed seedlings appear this time of the year. Remove them before they produce seed.
  • Lift and divide bearded irises if the flowers have finished blooming or increase the feeding for next year’s crop.
  • Sow radishes and lettuce.
  • Lightly prune and pinch your roses early in February to promote an autumn flush.
  • Begin light summer pruning to control vigorously growing shrubs. Do not prune shrubs that will produce either berries in autumn or flowers in spring. The buds for these are already forming.
  • You have to look out for red spider on roses if the summer is characterized by dry and hot conditions.
  • Look out for Downey mildew if the humidity is high.
  • To encourage your orchids to produce flowers begin feeding them in February with a fertilizer low in nitrogen and high in potassium.
  • Seeds of all the hardy annuals may be sown during February.
  • Divide arum lilies now if they are overcrowded.
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