Leisure Time

A Garden By: The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd

Garden Designer: Craig de Necker

Landscaped and constructed by: The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd

This garden is on display at Garden World, Beyers Naude Drive,

Muldersdrift, Gauteng Tel: 011 957 2046 or 083 997 6142, www.gardenworld.co.za


The centre-piece of the garden is an interactive sundial, which uses a person’s shadow to indicate the time of day. A curved seating area provides an excellent vantage point to relax and view both the water feature and the sundial areas.

The raised patio area encompasses an outdoor kitchen area including a braai, which is an integral part of outdoor living for millions of people throughout the world.

Alongside the patio is a custom-designed wooden bench. This offers the visitor a comfortable place to relax.


Plant Highlights:

Cyathea australis

Cycas revolute

Phoenix roebelenii

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Assorted annuals


Cuphea hyssopifolia

Hibiscus varieties

Kontak Dr Koos Henning by drhenning@florcom.co.za vir advies oor tuinuitlegte, beddingontwerp en plantkeuses.

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