Natural Concepts – A garden by City of Twane

Garden designers: W van Rensburg & A Valkenburg.

Landscaped and constructed by: Booysens Nursery Decoration Team.

Information supplied by: Garden World, Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift, Gauteng Tel: 011 957 2046 or 083 997 6142,

The Concept of incorporating eco-conscious principles is Tshwane Municipality’s philosophy. We embrace nature and aim to minimise the impact that buildings have on the environment by encouraging landscaping to improve the living spaces and developments in Tshwane. We encourage gardening and growing plants to assist with noise reduction, reduce pollution, improve soil stability and reduce erosion.


In this garden careful planning is the key to its success. The mixed planting in the garden is accented by a variety of contrasting materials and the eco-sculptures. Dividing the site into various areas is a wonderful way to take advantage of the small space, making it appear larger than it is, also more interesting and enjoyable.


Plant highlights:

Focal plants: Encephalartos lebomboensis.

Trees: Ptaeroxylon obliquum & Warburgia salutaris.

Shrubs & perennials: Freylinia tropica, Osteospermum, Carissa macrocarpa ‘Green Carpet’ and Gazania.

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