Soil analysis

The application of too much fertilizers will harm your garden and the application of too less will not give the results you want. Our advice is to do a soil analysis once a year and to adjust the program according the analysis. Send the result of the analysis to Florcom for a recommendation.

How to take a sample for analysis


  1. Take 10 sub samples from a depth of 0 – 30 cm randomised from your rose garden.
  2. Mix and send 500g to the laboratory.
  3. Do not dry out and do not leave in the sun.
  4. Use clean bags and/or containers.
Irrigation water:.

  1. Send 500ml to the laboratory.
  2. Use a plastic bottle.
  3. Use clean bottles.
  4. Fill the container to the maximum (no air betw3een the lid and the water).
  5. Do not put the sample in the sun.
  6. Store in dark.

Ask the laboratory to measure the pH, EC and the concentrations of Ca, Mg, K, NO3 and PO4.