Plant of the week – Cyclamen (Primulaceae)

Cyclamen are a genus of plants containing 20 species, which are part of the family of Primulaceae, the Primrose family native to the mediterranean, being natives of parts of Europe, western Asia and parts of North Africa.

They are tuberous plants, winter and spring flowering plants and fairly hardy.

The tuber can be divided during the dormant period.

A generally acceptable potting soil must be well drained. Cyclamens generally do not need lots of water.

Cyclamen should not be over fed as this encourages leaf growth at the expense of flowers and can lead to a ‘cabbage like’ appearance, especially with plants you generally buy as pot plants.

Most species of Cyclamen will tolerate being grown in a cool to cold environment.

Cyclamen prefer to receive a good soaking, and then to be allowed to dry out to some extent, before again receiving a good soaking. Too much water will let them rot away.

Repotting should be carried out during the dormant period.